Your profile is SO IMPORTANT! Your profile is what sells YOU!

I see many who simply say “Certified Signing Agent.” Who are you Certified with? How long have you been a Signing Agent? You may have been a Signing Agent for 10 years but only closed 10 loans a year. Note how many loans you have closed.

Someone is looking for an SA to handle a purchase loan, a construction loan, a refi, a heloc. They are going to go to the profile that tells them you have experience with those types of things. Don’t write a book, or if you do, make certain the first few lines pack a punch. If they have to read too much they will pass you by.

For those of you who are newer to the industry, use any positive attributes you have but don’t write it like a resume of “I am detail oriented and I learn fast.” Also do not list that you are new. Do not list that you have completed five signings successfully. Maybe instead say that all your signings have been error free or completed successfully but don’t note that there have just been five.

Whether you are a member of MWNA, GoGetNotary, GoMobile, 123Notary or wherever, what you put in your profile is something to take time with and present yourself well.

Additionally, make certain you have spelled correctly and use capitals at the beginning of sentences. I believe companies will look at the accuracy of your typed profile and gain a bit of knowledge from that of how ACCURATE of a job you do at a loan signing. If your profile has misspellings, will you miss a misspelled name on loan docs? Will you miss a date that a borrower writes in incorrectly?