Understanding the Role a Notary Public Plays in Business

The Notary Public has been an integral part of Society since the early 1800’s and today in 2005 the Notary still has a very active role in business. Many have taken advantage of the special role Notaries play in the mortgage industry by becoming a Certified Notary Loan Document Signing Agent.

What is a Notary Loan Document Signing Agent? To help you understand the specific role, take for example an Attorney: Once he/she passes the State Bar, he/she can practice Law; however, it is up to the individual to find a specific practice (i.e., Family Law, Probate Law, etc.). Much the same with a Notary Public, once becoming a commissioned Notary, one can notarize documents from all fields of business (Legal, Medical/Health, Property Management, Personal, Business, etc.). However, becoming a Loan Document Signing Agent is a specific area of expertise. A Loan Document Signing Agent is a commissioned Notary Public who has education and skill in presenting loan documents, obtaining proper signatures, initials, dates and notarizing certain loan documents within the loan package; what I call “a Facilitator of Loan Documents.”

To become versed in the Industry, many take a course* that certifies them as having acquired particular knowledge and skill, thus making them marketable in the industry. Although, the Notary can obtain satisfying work in the mortgage industry, one must not forget that a Notary can be used in every aspect of business and should target market those areas as well. The following are areas in which a Notary is needed and/or have documents frequently needing notarization:

  1. Health & Safety
  2. Department of Motor Vehicles, i.e., Lien Title Applications, Change of Ownership
  3. Immigration
  4. Medical
  5. Legal
  6. Licensing: Bureau of Cosmetology/Barbering, Dental, Physician
  7. Property Management
  8. Financing/Banks/ Business District
  9. Education
  10. Travel/ Transportation
  11. Labor Employment
  12. Construction