Your professional notary public web page in minutes!™ offers you an affordable, professional web page with a marketable web address and FREE placement in our notary directory. It’s a simple, cost-effective alternative—or addition—to a notary website or a bare-bones notary directory. You’ll create a comprehensive true web page with an easy-to-follow template that includes your services, specialties, service area, experience, testimonials, photo and logo. Three releated centers,™,™ and™, will increase networking opportunities for you.

“We supply the missing link! Is your business card missing a link to your professional profile? If it’s missing, you can find it here at”

How your web page here is different from a directory listing:

  1. You’ll have a memorable web address/link you can use for marketing. Example: Use your address for business cards, brochures, directory listings, all your marketing efforts. Other so-called “web page” companies program their sites so you have a long, unfriendly web address, impossible to remember and useless for marketing, i.e., Try putting that on a business card! (Or contact us about getting your own domain name for only $8.95 a year.)
  2. A web link increases your edge in directory listings. Imagine a prospect’s search returns contact info for 10 notaries or signing agents. Three have live web links. Seven have only a phone number, maybe an email address. If you were the prospect, what would you do? Include your address in every directory listing to increase your edge for new business.
  3. Here you can include more information with no premium charges. Just one low flat fee for all the information that will differentiate you from the competition. Include your services, specialties, service area (unlimited cities/counties), experience, testimonials, photo and logo—at no additional cost. Plus you’re automatically included in our notary directory for FREE.
  4. You’ll have unique networking opportunities with members of this site and three sister sites. is the only site designed to encourage networking among notary members and members of, and
  5. You’ll have a true web page that can be bookmarked. Your customers can quickly return to your page for your contact information.
  6. We provide a search-by-name function so your repeat and referral customers can quickly find you. Customers don’t have to go through a city, state, zip search to locate you. They can enter your first and/or last name and quickly reach your page.
  7. Your page will present a professional image. Your information is not cluttered with dozens of little ads or annoying flashing banners. Your page is all about you. Even the “sidebar” disappears.
  8. Your web page will make it easier for family, friends and customers to refer new business your way. They can give prospects your name and direct them to… Your web page will take it from there: providing your services, specialties, service area, experience, testimonials, location, phones, email address, photo and logo.
  9. As an affiliate member, you can earn $5 for each new paid member you refer. Refer a few friends and your membership will pay for itself.

How you benefit if you already have a web page or website:

“Having only one location on the web is like being a needle in a haystack; the trick is to have more needles!”

  1. You’ll receive FREE placement in our notary directory. A stand-alone web page or website is just that: standing alone. Make it easier for customers to find you by having a second web location with FREE placement in our notary directory.
  2. You’ll have a strong “back link” for your other website. Google, the largest search engine on the web, had used an algorithm that made off-site back links a strong advantage. This caused a lot of link-exchange sites to spring up. However, recent changes to Google’s formula means random unrelated links are being downgraded in favor of links on valid content-rich, related websites, such as
  3. If you cancel your other web page or website, you’ll still have a location online. Use your web page here for a backup web address where your customers can always find you. If you own your own domain name, you can quickly re-direct it to your web page.
  4. Virtual visibility is just as important as real-world visibility. The more locations you have online, the more opportunities you have for new leads… more needles in the web haystack. Special Offers:

On occasion, we may offer a special discount through a limited-time promotional code. Please visit our Special Offers page for details.

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