By Laura VestanenHere’s another excerpt from Laura Vestanen’s book, Marketing Your Non-Loan Signing Services. Laura gives the types of documents that may need notarizing, contacts you should make and where to advertise. These ideas should get you thinking outside the notary-signing-agent box and thinking notary public work.

Leases, Especially Commercial

  • Owners of commercial property, especially business parks and large buildings with multiple tenants.
  • Real estate agents and brokers specializing in commericial property.

Letters of Instruction

  • Financial letters. These are usually letters from people directing financial institutions to move money, such as out of a 401K and into a personal checking account.
  • Airline mileage. Another letter I am starting to see is by people who are asking their airline mileage plans for a new PIN or other information. The airlines are starting to require that these requests be notarized so that the notary verifies the identity of the requester. Put this information on your website.
  • Cold call brokers, investment companies, accountants, financial planners. Leave cards.

Letters requesting birth and death certificates – Most counties are now requesting people who write for certified copies of birth and death certificates now have that request notarized. This is so that the courthouse knows if the person has legitimate authority for requesting the document. can help the customer find the phone number for the county of birth. The customer calls the county office to discover what is required in the way of fees, letters, notarizations, etc.

  • Yellow pages. Cold call travel agencies. Put this information on your website.
  • Maternity wards at hospitals. Funeral homes. Courthouse office furnishing certificates. If anyone has a policy of not referring to any private businesses, ask them to refer people to the Yellow Pages – where you have a good ad, of course!

Litigation Affidavits – There are services that get copies of patient files to be used in court cases, including class action suits. Research who does this in your area by contacting the records office at your local hospital.

  • One such company doing this work in many states is First American Legal. They are in Dallas. (800) 497-7618.

Marriages – Some states allow notaries to perform marriages.

  • Read the “engaged” announcements in the newspaper.
  • Check with your local courthouse or recorder’s office for people who have applied for marriage licenses. Applications are public records.
  • Ads in local bridal publications. Yellow pages.
  • Bridal fairs. If a booth is too expensive, see if you can share one with another vendor.
  • Reciprocal-referrals with bridal stores and wedding planners.
  • Ask if you can leave cards on the table with the guest book. Keep some in your pocket as well.