By Vikki Watanabe—While I was waiting for our website to go Live, I kept busy by writing to those of you on the AAVBA mailing list. Also, I contacted many vendors to see how they would be able to help us get discounts for our members. As it turns out, things went quite well.

The President of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys contacted me and invited our organization to be an Exhibitor at their Annual Convention. It is being held in Hollywood, CA. This was a huge honor for us. Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys are the target group of the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant. To be an Exhibitor at this convention meant our organization would be seen and visited by over 1200 Bankruptcy Attorneys for 3 days.

If I haven’t already mentioned, this Convention is open only to Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and Exhibitors. As of today, we are the only Bankruptcy Assistant organization represented. Also, we are in negotiations with Dell Computer to get discounts on laptops for our Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants.

While we stress working from a secure home office. We also encourage VBAs to extend themselves to offer “in-house” services to attorneys within their radius. Having a laptop means our VBAs are not only Virtual, but also Mobile.

We are committed to offering our VBAs the best service and support. We know that by doing this, we create a First Class organization. From the beginning of this organization, this has been our goal. We also know that our VBAs will do their best to provide a service to attorneys who cannot afford a full time staff, yet require assistance preparing bankruptcy petitions. Finally, we have been invited to attend the Association of Bankruptcy Judicial Assistants training and conference in the fall of 2008.

AAVBA encourages continued education in the field of bankruptcy. Attending this conference gives our VBAs an opportunity to network with other Bankruptcy Assistants who work at the State and Federal level as Assistants to Judges.

Continued success in all you do!