By Kelly Robertson—Is your world small? Step out of your comfort zone and make your money-making world bigger by saying “Yes!” to the many opportunities that are available to Notaries Public. Aside from traveling (mobile) Notary work, Wedding Officiate, Process Server, Field Agent, Mystery Shopper, Merchandiser or Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant I’ve discovered yet another perfect income opportunity: A contract job that involves working with companies that sell bank-owned, foreclosed homes at auction. Basically, you work with escrow companies and signing companies that are affiliated with bank-owned properties and auction houses. Positions include assisting escrow, working as a “Runner” or a spot as a “Signer.” I’ve observed the escrow assistant and runner positions but have personally only performed as a “Signer.” The job is pretty easy: The winning bidder(s) will eventually show up in front of the Signer to execute all the documents associated with the sale (disclosures and agreements). In my experience so far, nothing is notarized and, as with loan documents, the Signer cannot explain the contents of the documents but rather facilitates the process. Easy!

The pay for a Signer ranges from $175-$200 for a full day or you can make about $25 – $35 per hour working part-time with half-day/evening auctions. Just like loan signing, you’ll make more money working directly with the escrow company and less by working with a signing service. However, there’s another bonus: You don’t have to have any experience at all – they will train you! Does it get any better than this?

Yes it does! If the hiring vendor likes your work, you could become a “requested regular” since the auctions seem to come around specific areas about every three months. There’s another bonus: If the vendor likes your work, you may just get the loan signing if the deal comes to fruition (sometimes the Seller does not accept the Buyer’s winning bid so the deal falls through). Wait – there’s more! If you do a good job and work hard and the vendor likes your work, you have created a great opportunity to pass out your cards and network with all the other escrow companies at the auction and they may just call you again to work an auction with them or they may just call you to sign their loans!

The key to getting into this business is to find out who are the escrow companies and who are the signing companies that work auctions and “get in” with them. You can pose the question at any popular forum and hope for an answer or when an auction comes to your area, go check it out. If you’re enthusiastic and if security isn’t too tight, try to introduce yourself to someone in the escrow company and ask if they need you for that day or evening. I personally observed and overheard a lady who presented herself well and had dressed appropriately, approach someone in escrow and before I knew it, she was sitting at a table getting trained as a Signer. I introduced myself to her later in the evening and she said that this was her “plan” and she felt like the worst thing that could happen was that they wouldn’t need her! My kinda gal!

If you’d like to get started now, just Google the topic and see what pops up. After confirming pending auction dates near your area, go the next step and email or call them and ask the question: “What escrow company (or companies) do you use at your auctions?”

Best of luck!