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How to Double Your Credit Card Limits

Increasing one’s available credit can be a tedious process that, for most people, takes years. With the right strategy, however, it can happen in a fraction of the time. I learned early on that credit card companies love people who max out their credit cards. They love them because of the income stream they get…

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Credit Repair: The Truth About What Can and Cannot Be Done

Contrary to what the credit bureaus would like you to believe, credit repair does work and can work to some extent for 100% of people in most circumstances. This is, of course, provided you are getting the best advice and have an experienced professional working on your case. You may be helped if… Anyone with…

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Raise Your Credit Score 100 Points in 45 Days

(1) Past Dues Destroy a Credit Score. (2) Paying a Charge-off or Lien Won’t Help. (3) Call All of Your Creditors. (4) Make Sure Credit Limit Is Being Reported. (5) Do Not Close Credit Cards. (6) What to Do If You Have Limited Credit History. (7) Credit Score Is Determined by Age of Credit File.…

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