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“The Successful Notary” – 03/10 Newsletter

Spring is here and it’s time to get a fresh start on your notary business. There’s no sugar coating the state of the economy, especially the real estate sector, but hope is still alive for the reminder of 2010. For Notary Signing Agents, some bright signs around the country: Although existing-home sales nationally dropped slightly…

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“The Successful Notary” – 04/09 Newsletter

We’ve Moved!Hopefully you didn’t even notice, but we packed up the website and moved it to a different server over the weekend. Of course, there’s always the possibility of a glitch during a move. If you’re a paid web page member, please check your page to make sure everything transferred okay. And while you’re there,…

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“The Successful Notary” – 09/08 Newsletter

This newsletter is a little different, not so many articles but some important info I thought should be circulated right now. Though some of it may seem a bit harsh, I think we can stay positive about the future while still being realistic about today. DEADBEAT COMPANIES I’m hearing reports from too many notaries that…

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