By Gerrie Pierre-Fleurimond—If you are like me, I hate making sales calls but I learned that it was a necessary task if I wanted to grow my business. When calling, remember to call from a clear telephone. If using a cordless phone, stay as close to the base as possible. If using a cell phone try to remain in one location.

Use the handset and not speaker phone. Using a speaker phone can allow background noises to enter your conversation.

Use a headset with clear transmission. Try the headset out with some friends on personal calls before using it to make cold calls.

When calling, focus on the call and do not try to multitask. It would really be rude to call while doing the dishes or placing your food items away. The noise can be heard by the other party. This seems like common sense but I have actually had notaries call me as they did these things.

When making a sales call, try to be in your office with access to pens, notepads, and the internet. Quite often, while calling for work, the party referred me to a website and they wanted me to view the site while I was on the phone with them so that I could see some important information. It helps if you are already near the computer.

Eliminate all background noises such as music or televisions when calling for work. The background noise may sound low to you but the phone could transmit the noise with a much louder volume to the person on the other line. It is also not professional to have a TV or radio in the background. The person may get distracted trying to figure out what the noise is. They may also think that you are not devoting your full attention to the call.

This is an excerpt from Gerrie’s book, “Marketing Advice for Notary Signing Agents.” Learn more in our Suggest Reading page