By Brenda Stone—We have already covered how to find the road into locating title companies and mortgage lenders to target for advertising. Now, let me do a little back up and say you need to figure out how to get other business while you are waiting on the mortgage business to connect with you.

Let’s brainstorm out who will need your services. To name a few:

  • The public for various affidavits, forms etc.
  • Legal / litigation support firms
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Chiropractors, ambulance facilities, health products providers.
  • Hospitals
  • Schools, colleges, university students

How do you get to them and let them know you are there? I deliver a package of information to the medical places which can be found here. The medical facilities do the marketing for me.

For all of the above, you need yellowpage type advertising in both print and online depending on the saturation of your area.

I personally only do Google’s free local advertising, my website and that’s about it. I get around $200 – $400 a month in little jobs from this type of work. Of course, my area is not completely saturated.

Tip: When you leave a packet at a medical facility, they may tell the legal entities who call them that you should be contacted to come and notarize! I have built a good deal of business like this.