By Gerrie Pierre-Fleurimond—No marketing book for Notary signing agents would ever be written without praising the merits of business cards. As you read this book, it should become apparent to you that having business cards and using them effectively is one of the greatest marketing tips a person can offer.

Since these simple yet, under utilized tools are important, I wanted to write about them in detail here. As a closer for 14 years, I cannot stress enough how business cards have helped me to grow my business as a signer and Notary. My students know that I have dozens of them on my office shelves and use them at every opportunity.

You may say, Gerrie, these cards are expensive and I cannot afford them. I say to you that you need to shop the internet. I never pay more than $20 for my business cards. I do not use plain white cards, nor do I print them at home. A professional look is the way to go. There are so many sites on the World Wide Web that can create full color, professional grade cards at a fraction of the cost of printing them at home or going to a local printer.

Simply log onto your favorite search engine and conduct a search for “full color business cards, or “free color business cards”; you will find so many companies offering low cost business cards that can be at your door in no time.

Relevance – Browse the internet sites and look for a business card that represents what you do as a Notary. Over the years, while speaking at the annual National Notary Association conferences, I have met thousands of notaries. I make it a practice to exchange cards with them. We will deal later with the importance of that.

One reason is for research. I love to see how notaries and title officers across the country express their creativity and market with their business cards. I have seen some fabulous cards, which speak for themselves. These cards, when handed to someone, immediately convey a sense of what the person does. These are the cards I love! I often write to the notaries or let them know on the spot about how effective the cards are. What makes them so effective you may ask? Well, for one thing, they are printed on a good card stock. Not too hard, not too “flimsy.” They are professional. No childish clipart or irrelevant graphics crowd the business card. These business cards command respect and convey a sense of responsibility. If a person takes the time to create a professional business card then, in my opinion, they are serious about their business. (See samples of notary business cards.)

Our new favorite printer is, excellent price, quality and service! Choose a design that represents the notary business, such as a pen and signature or simple attractive graphics. Also, check out their ongoing specials for letterhead, flyers, magnets, note cards, thank-you cards, and sticky notes.

The business cards must also contain relevant information about the person and the business that they are representing. These would include their name, title, contact information, email, business address, etc.

I have never been more frustrated than when I have pulled a business card to email or call a person only to find that they neglected to include such an important detail as their phone number or an email address; or worst yet, the email address is totally unprofessional(for personal use).

Business cards are your calling cards. They should never neglect to provide proper contact methods in a professional manner. You should be proud to hand them out.

Another unprofessional occurrence that I notice on cards is “cross outs.” This is where the person has changed their telephone phone number, email or street address and instead of ordering new cards, they “cross out” the old data and hand write it in or use correction fluid. If you use a low cost high quality printer this should never happen.

Especially, when you know that you are attending a venue where you will be networking and marketing your business.

Lastly, I encourage Notary signing agents to have several different business cards: One for marketing or networking with lenders, signing agencies and Title Companies and one for their customers. If you have several different unrelated businesses, do not list them all on one card. Obtain separate cards for each business. Too much information on a card may create confusion about what you really want to do. This could backfire and make your efforts futile.

This is an excerpt from Gerrie Pierre-Fleurimond’s book, “Marketing Advice for Notary Signing Agents.”

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