By Joan Bergstrom—End of the month cycle for refinancing loans is usually between the 22nd and the 27th of the month: Call a local title or escrow office and volunteer to come to their office and notarize documents for half your normal fee for the opportunity to show them your “style and demeanor” but understand why you are doing this for a discounted fee and remember the company is under no obligation to call you! If you can afford it bring pens, candy, or whatever so they remember you and, of course, phone them the next week to “say hello.”

Title or signing company hires you to do a signing and there is a problem with the signing (not your error) and you complete the resigning without any additional fee. Ask the title or signing company to put you first on their call list for your area.

Suppose you are called at 8:30 p.m. and you are asked to go 30 miles round trip for a new title or signing company because the hired notary didn’t show. Drop everything and get in the car and do the signing. Accept the signing fee that is offered.

You accept a signing on your cell phone Friday afternoon for the weekend (time is left up to you when you contact the borrower). Alas, when you get back to your office you print out the confirmation and the only phone number is a work phone number. Naturally the business is closed for the weekend and you cannot contact the borrower to set up an appointment. Here are some suggestions: Go to Google and put in “reverse phone” number search and put in the borrower’s address and see if you can get a phone number.

Within the Loan Document Package go to the Residential Application called the 1003 and look on the 1st page and you might find a current home phone number for the borrower(s). If you cannot get a phone number, go to the address at 5 p.m. on Saturday as most people are home at this time. Bring the documents with you and either get them signed or if the borrower is not home put your business card on their front door with instructions to call you and set up an appointment. Tell the title or signing company what you did and do not charge them extra for this service; remember you are trying to get future work!! Once again ask to be placed at the top of your city/county when they are looking for a loan signer!