By Dan Gooder Richard—How big was your piece of that signing agent pie last year? How can you improve your percentage? Widely publicized email address and customer-focused responses are key. Here are five winning email strategies that will help you increase your cyber-market share.

1. Use any and all methods to get your email address in front of mortgage and settlement companies. Make it easy for potential customers to contact you; prominently promote your email address on your website and in all offline and online marketing ads and materials (avoid small type at the bottom). Keep your customer email information current and work to minimize undeliverable bounce-backs at all costs. Nothing kills leads faster than invalid contact information; there goes your chance at being the first notary contacted. Being out of touch is being out of business. Prospects won’t give you a second thought.

2. Respond quickly and personally to all email inquiries. When someone sends you an email they expect an immediate response. Your best response to all email inquiries is a personally written email reply. Craft your first-response message to answer specific questions and address the special circumstances of each inquiry. For example, if you can match a prospects’ needs with your services, i.e., available evenings and weekends, experienced Certified Signing Agent, fluent in Spanish. While this sounds cumbersome it is not as time consuming as you think. Here’s the secret:

A saved-signature program makes fast and personal replies easy. Save your first-response emails in a folder under “Signatures” (MS Outlook). All you need to do next time is click the appropriate signature then personalize the salutation and customize the first one or two sentences. Be sure to include your complete contact information in the message signature file. Soon you’ll be able to respond personally to dozens of inquiries in minutes.

3. Focus, focus, focus on your customer. Always send customer-centered responses to email inquiries. From your very first communication through completed signing, focus, focus, focus on what your customer wants and needs at each stage. Avoid focusing on yourself, or your reputation. With your years of experience behind you, you’ll be able to anticipate questions and have accurate, up-to-the-minute answers ready.

4. Keep the interactive communication flowing. Don’t stop now. You’ve responded quickly and personally to your prospect’s first email inquiry. Assume you are the first (and only) notary signing agent this prospect will need to contact so make sure you keep the advantage.

5.Automated drip email keeps you ahead of the game. This time-saving, production-maximizing, loyalty-building system converts cyber-prospects into real world customers. Drip email marketing systems follow up without fail, automatically sending out scheduled, customer-focused, and personalized emails until the mortgage or settlement company is ready for the next signing.

There’s still work to be done: We know that having a top-ranked website is only part of the battle, and the race is on to become the first and only signing agent that local companies contact. Widespread promotion of your email address is critical. Fast and personal email response is critical. Continual consumer-focused follow up is critical. Persistence is critical.

The critical difference this year is doing it better than your competition.