By Sharon Hassler—You have a choice of ordering free notary business cards or spending a very small amount of money and looking like a professional. Our advice: Think about the image you want to convey before you decide you want free business cards. How you would feel if an attorney or paralegal handed you a cheap card that advertised the printing on the flip slide? Is this your business or a hobby? Many printing companies provide affordable notary business cards you can be proud of.

Choose a graphic that specifically represents the notary profession because it’s more memorable than an abstract design. If you want more choices of graphics or photos, try and order the high or medium resolution image for printing, low resolution images for websites..

Now, what to put on your notary card? Contact info, of course, including your phone(s) and email and web page/site addresses. If you don’t want to include a physical location, at least provide your city and state and/or your service area. Add a short phrase describing your services. If you’re serious about making the most of your cards, provide two or three testimonials on the back. It may cost a little more if you’re not printing your cards yourself, but it’s good use of that valuable space.

Learn how a GoGetNotary profile and listing can boost your marketing efforts and how easy it is to get your own unique notary domain name. Also check out our Marketing for tips on building your notary and loan signing business.

Here are the simple steps for creating your business card:

  • Choose a format and information appropriate for a notary business card. For design and content ideas, review our samples of notary business cards.
  • Decide if you want to go the free-business-card route or if you want something that represents your level or professionalism.
  • Select a printing company and place your order. Our new favorite printer is, excellent price, quality and service!

  • Proofread your information. This is critical, and we recommend you have someone else proof your business card for you. You can’t trust your own eyes because you know what’s supposed to be there. Make sure your information is correct before you approve your business cards for printing.
  • When you receive your business cards, double check them. If they’re incorrect, compare them to the proof you approve for printing. Have them reprinted if they’re wrong. Do not mark through and make changes on the individual cards to save money. What you could save in pennies, you lose many times over in your professional image.

See Samples of Notary Business Cards