By Sharon Hassler—With mortgage rates still low and home values inching up, some areas of the country are seeing a renewed interest in real estate and an increase in both purchases and refinances. Are you ready for business? It may come as a crawl rather than a crush, but now’s the time to polish up your presentation both online and off.

Review your business cards and improve them if you can. Look over your Internet presence and freshen up your GGN web profile and/or website. Mention your ability to handle loan modifications signings. Post a dated message that shows you’re still available, such as, “Information updated July 26, 2014. Actively seeking loan signings and loan modification signings.” If you don’t yet have a website, is a good starting point for a simple but effective web presence.

Call or visit title, escrow and mortgage companies near you to let them know you want their business. Odds are, they’ll use independent contractors (you, the signing agent!) for signings before they rehire full-time staff. Call or email every company you’ve ever worked with or talked with to let them know you’re ready for assignments.

Spread the word now, and don’t think, “Why bother? Everyone else will be doing the same thing.” Only a very small number of notaries reading this article will actually take action and follow these suggestions. Do something immediately, even if it’s just to schedule an appointment with yourself to begin to work on these ideas. Act within the next 24 hours or it will fall by the wayside. Be part of the 5% who are proactive!