Hi, my name is Eric Hassler. Many of our existing members already know about the relaunch (and the reason for it), but if you're new here, or haven't visited in awhile, let me bring you up to date. 

My mom, Sharon Hassler, created the GoGetNotary.com website back in 2004. Hard to believe it’s been that long. Sadly, Sharon passed away unexpectedly in March 2018 after an emergency surgery. She was a smart, funny, energetic lady, and we miss her very much.

Anyone who’s lost a parent can empathize with the responsibilities that come afterward. For me, among other things, I had to decide what to do with Sharon’s online businesses.

It became quickly apparent that GoGetNotary.com (GGN) was suffering from some core technical issues. New members were emailing me almost daily, reporting that they couldn’t build their profiles. Not good at all!

Although I’m a web designer/developer, the platform my mom used for GGN made it difficult for me to troubleshoot effectively, and made simple updates risky; the site broke several times during routine maintenance updates... The whole thing was very unstable.

What to do?

I was left with a choice: abandon the site entirely, or rebuild it from scratch! I didn’t feel right abandoning the site since so many notaries had paid for their profiles, so I decided rebuilding it was the right and ethical thing to do.

Fast-forward about 6 months...

Developing a custom, multi-tiered, subscription-based membership website is no easy task, but I'm happy to report that the new site is running extremely well! There will probably be a few hiccups during this transition—the old site was 14 years old after all—but I'm here to help, and I'm committed to growing and improving GoGetNotary.com for all its notary members and visitors seeking notary services.


I migrated all the content from the old GoGetNotary.com website to the new site. Some of it is out-dated. Quite a lot, actually. I'll be removing and archiving it over time. If you run across anything that you think should be removed or updated, please contact me. OH, and if you want to contribute some content to the site, definitely contact me!

Support and Feedback

If you need help, have questions, suggestions, or feedback, don't hesitate to contact me.