A frequent question we receive is “How do I become a notary?” and the answer is: It depends on where you live. Requirements to become a notary public vary by state. Some states require a specific number of in-classroom training hours followed by an in-person exam. Others allow online training and some provide a manual they suggest you read before becoming a notary. In some states, however, you can become a notary with no training at all! Start by determining notary commission requirements in your state. For links to the notary commissioning departments by state, visit our State Commissions page. Certain states—such as California, Nevada and North Carolina—have specific mandated class requirements you must meet before you can become a notary public, so make sure the notary class you choose is state certified. Also, find out if your state requires you to have a stamp, seal, or embosser, finger printer and a notary journal to record your signings.

What’s your next step if your state doesn’t require any notary training or classes only enable you to pass the test but doesn’t prepare you for the business side of being a notary public? Even if you can become a notary with just an application and a check, you need education for real-world signings before you begin. This is your business: Don’t go out there cold, and most certainly don’t jump into advertising yourself as a notary signing agent and attempt a loan document signing until you know what you’re doing. First, find out if your state offers or recommends classes on how to become a notary public. Also check your local library and our reference page, and review our list of training classes state by state.

How To Become A Notary Signing Agent

Training to become a notary signing agent is readily available: You can find a variety of training and education classes ranging from classroom courses to online lessons to guides and books. Some programs have exams that may be taken in the classroom, online or open-book at home so you can become certified. Our advice for anyone who wants to become a notary signing agent is: Get certified! If a lender, title or escrow company has a choice of calling a notary who’s a certified notary signing agent or one who isn’t, which notary do you think they’ll call?

Other considerations for notary signing agents: Do you have the equipment you need to satisfy lenders? High speed Internet connection in your home office, lockable file cabinet, laser printer, fax machine? A little research for home office requirements will serve you well. This is very important! If you make mistakes during a signing or don’t have the proper equipment, the lender, title, escrow or signing company may never give you a second chance. Know what you’re doing; be prepared before you accept your first loan document signing.

Training Classes to Become A Notary

Training is essential to develop your notary public business. In some states, training is required to become a notary. Checkout these notary public training classes.