More Places for Your Web Address

Besides online locations, here are more places to include your web address and increase your chances for new business.

Your email signature. Set up a “signature” in your email program so that each email you send out has a little ad for you at the bottom. Your signature should have your name, company name, phone number and your web address. Include your complete web address with the “http://www” otherwise some recipients, like AOL members, will not receive a live link that can be clicked on to easily access your page. If you have a marketing slogan, your email signature is a good place to use it.

Your business cards. Think of your web address as your permanent address where customers can always find you. Other info on your card may change, but a customer can visit your web page and reach you. Put your web address on your business card; then keep your web page updated.

Your letterhead. Do you send letters to signing companies, mortgage companies, title companies? Make sure you have a web address on your letterhead. Let them know you have a web page that can be bookmarked and is always current. Frequently it’s easier to find a web page that has been bookmarked than to locate a business card or find a letter that has been filed away.

Your invoices/statements. If you give your customers an invoice, be sure you include your web address as part of your contact info. Add another line that says, “Thank you for your business. Please visit and bookmark my web page.”

Your flyers. All flyers you mail or hand out should include your web address.

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