Announce Your Website!

“Hear ye, hear ye…I have a website!” Now that you have a professional profile website and a web address, it’s time to let everyone—and I mean everyone—know about it.

Set aside some time and make a list of family, friends, people you work with or used to work with, and any networking resources. Make a list of every email address you have. Then announce to the world that you have a professional profile online. Send them an email with your web address. (Be sure to include the full address with the “http://www” part or it may not be a live link for some email recipients.) Ask them to visit your GGN website and bookmark it. Tell them, in brief, about the services you offer and ask them to refer you if they hear of anyone who needs a notary or loan signing agent.

Get new business cards with your web address and hand those out whenever possible. (Check our Free Business Card page for pros and cons on this option.)

When visiting any local establishment where you’re a patron, such as dry cleaners, hair salon, nail salon, barber, gym, restaurant and so on, ask for the manager and let them know you’re a licensed notary and available for business or personal notarizations. Mention that your web address is on your card if they want to know more about your services. Keep it brief and let your professional GGN website do the selling for you.

You can drop your cards in boxes for drawings for free lunches or other giveaways. You may reach a business owner in need of your services. If they call to say you’ve “won” or try to sell you their services, you can listen politely and decline, but let them know about the services you provide.

Post your business cards on bulletin boards wherever you see them in your area. Having a web address on your card makes it easier for potential customers to find out more about you online. You’re not a sight-unseen, complete unknown after they see your GGN website.

As you learned from this 6-part series, you can market yourself through many affordable methods both in the virtual world of the Internet and the real world around you. You never know where new business will come from but it’s guaranteed you won’t get new customers if you keep your services a secret. Market, market, market—then market some more! Gaining new customers as a result of your being proactive will not only add to your bottom line but will be a real boost to your confidence and give you incentive to keep on marketing.

One more thing and I can’t stress enough how important this is: ALWAYS ask your customers how they found you. Track your marketing. Find out what’s working and do more of that!

Although this is the last part of this series, remember to visit GoGetNotary often for new articles in our Notary Marketing section, and read our Featured Notary section for their success stories and marketing tips. For more places to post your “needles,” check out Notary Directories and, if you’re a Notary Signing Agent, visit our Signing Company Directory.

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