By Gerrie Pierre-Fleurimond—These days we have to use all available resources to maximize our incomes and reduce our expenses while earning our income as a Notary Public or Signing Agent. Using the Internet to reach our local market is key now and the Internet can be a great place to advertise our services since many times it’s free!

Online Phone Listings: Step 1 is phone directory listings. Yellow Pages, Yellow Book, and many others offer free listings for just about everyone. Having a phone directory listing online is crucial to being called for your services. But don’t list just one! You can have a listing for your Mobile Notary services and one for yourself. This allows you two opportunities to market your services. When you are away from the office, forward your calls to your mobile so you never miss a call. There may be a fee from your phone company for forward but it’s worth it not to miss business.

Online Advertising: Step 2 to help your Notary business is taking advantage of online advertising. There are many locations where you can place a profile ad for your business such as MerchantCircle, Google My Business and Merchant Circle, Google My Business and City Slick also allow you to offer a coupon to attract more customers. In fact, there are coupon sites just for business owners to promote their services. Placing ads on the coupons sites can encourage people to call you for your services. Many of these sites are local, so do a search in Google or Bing for the following terms and substitute the name of the largest city near you for (city name): (city name) business advertise coupon

Ideas for your coupons: You can offer one free for each one paid, free copies, or 5% off the travel fees. See what the competition is doing and get creative!

Real World Advertising: Step 3 is to advertise with local libraries, hospitals and long term-care facilities. Many of these locations offer Notary Public services but they do not offer ALL Notary services to their patrons. These places also do not travel to the clients location should they not be able to appear in person. Having your Mobile Notary services advertised at these locations can be so beneficial.