By Linda Kassis—Having received many emails over the years requesting help or just asking why is business slow, we decided that we would put our best foot forward and make an effort to answer these questions in detail and share it with the rest of you to help you grow and become a success in your endeavors.

Now we all know that marketing is a pain and at times can and will seem like a waste of time because we don’t always see the fruits from our efforts immediately, but they do eventually come in. Time and patients will make the world of difference.

I am going to begin our marketing topics with a thought that needs to remain with you from here on. “If I sign up with 5 to 10 new companies every week, I am bound to get some calls eventually”. Yes, eventually you will get calls but how many calls will you get and how long will it take before you get your first call? There is a very good chance that you may not get a call for several weeks or even months and then when you do get your first call, how long before you get your next call. A signing agent called some time ago to ask for advice. Her dilemma was that she had gotten into this business well prepared. She was well versed on the subject of Notary Signing Agent and well prepared financially for a long drawn out state of no business. She read on many websites, forums, chat boards etc that she needed to do her research and sign up with as many companies as possible in order to build her business. Having done so and never stopping her efforts of signing up with these companies she could not figure out why she was not getting calls. My question to her and to everyone doing the same thing is this: “What are you doing any different from the other thousands of Signing Agents?” Chances are “Nothing.” We have all been directed to sign up with at least 200 companies and once you have signed up with those 200 companies then start signing up with 3, 5 or 10 companies a week. All I have to say to that is great idea if only a few of us were doing this. With every Notary Signing Agent doing the same thing, you can imagine the number of new Signing Agent applications companies are getting every day. What have you done any different than the rest of the Notaries to make YOU stand out? Here are some ideas that may help you with your efforts in building your business.

I will begin with one idea from a while back to help your thought process of what you can do to go above and beyond what you are currently doing on a day-to-day basis.

I recommended taking advantage of the Staples “easy” button but you need to find something new and different today. Then contact the company you are signing up with and talk to a scheduler— that’s the person who will actually pick up the phone and call the Signing Agent. Get their mailing address as well as their contact information and let them know you will be sending them your information. If you already have a relationship with a scheduler this effort will work as well and go quite far, especially if they use more than one Signing Agent in your region. Now get this mailing information from 10 or 20 companies and schedulers, then buy 10 or 20 of the new item you’ve selected, and I don’t mean the boring pens, magnets, etc., that everyone else uses. Yes, it may cost you $50 or $100, but think of the impact. Depending on the item, simply use a Sharpie and write your name, phone number, state and email address it. You can also purchase clear labels and print your contact info and stick it on for more professionalism and more information. Now send your information as well as the clever item you’ve found to your new Client. You can bet that, if it’s different, it will not be thrown out and will be kept on this person’s desk at all times. What better way to be considered for business than to be allowed to sit on a scheduler’s desk day in and day out waiting to be thought of and or considered for work.

1. Trip to Staples: $2.00
2. Your unique item: $6.00
3. Sharpie: $0.99
4. Effect of marketing: Priceless

I am sure many of you have considered the effect this will have if a scheduler receives 5 of these items that make them smile? If there is more than one scheduler in the office then you have no worries, your items will be shared with team members. This idea and many others will work; just be creative. Find something out of the ordinary that your clients will like and want to keep and make sure you don’t forget to put your information on it.

Good Luck on your new “Marketing Strategies”!