By Joan Bergstrom—One marketing tool a new Loan Signer often neglects is properly completing their profile on both the websites they advertise on and the loan signing companies they sign up with. I can’t tell you how important it is to your success to properly fill out your “profile.” I continually look at profiles and I am dumbfounded to discover that Notary Signing Agents think if they include only their name and cell phone number that any signing companies/title/lenders will call them! Don’t bother spending any money on a website advertisement or filling a vendor sign up form on the Internet if this is all you intend to offer. You will never get hired!

Make it easy to get hired. What do I mean by this statement? Include in your profile your address; I see profiles that ask the Company to call for their address. I live on a street called Via Mesa Verde; try spelling that to someone in a different state that is not use to the Spanish names we use in California. If the address is spelled wrong and the loan documents don’t arrive at the right address, who do you think will be blamed? I hear comments that Jack the Ripper will show up on my doorstep if I include my address; well if he does, don’t open the door!

Put in your Professional Services. What hours are you available and what Counties do you cover? Explain briefly the equipment you have (name of laser printer, efax, XP Computer.) Always state that you can accept Edocs (electronic loan documents). State that loan documents will be signed error free and returned promptly or words to this affect.

The Company hiring you wants to see if you are capable of putting together an articulate sentence with absolutely no misspelled words. Have your profile checked by Spell Check and also by a family member to see if it makes sense. Signing Companies/title/etc will not hire you if you can’t spell words correctly in your profile.

If you’re allowed to insert a picture by all means do so. I am talking about a head shot of you and not a picture of you with your truck/etc. It’s not a bad idea to include a picture of you with an animal because a company will know you are not afraid of dogs and half the homes in America have animals. Don’t include any political or religious information in your profile as it will turn off some potential business and this is not right forum for this type of information.

Put in Certifications and your Memberships.

If you are bi-lingual, be sure this information is placed at the very beginning of your profile.

Finally here is a list of what you are expected to include

  • Home or business address.
  • Cell phone (this will always be your preferred phone and try to keep it on 24 hours a day). If you don’t answer your phone, the company goes immediately to the next notary on their list.
  • Fax number. List both the e-fax number and your stand alone fax number
  • Email address, preferably one that looks professional!
  • Website. Get one as soon as possible as you are not deemed to be a true professional in our industry without a website.

Finally look around at your competition and see what a good profile looks like, and make sure your profile is completed and professionally done!

Good luck!