By Gerrie Pierre-Fleurimond—An email I received reads: Dear Gerrie, I am a new signing agent and I had been participating in teleconferences to gain ideas to better market my services. You often mention that we should send a one page notary resume when registering with companies who do not have a means for online registration. My question is “How can I create a resume when I have no experiences to list?”

Dear Falecia, Thanks for the email. This is a very common and valid question. As a new signing agent, you will not have much experience to list on a resume or enter online under “experience.” I suggest that you quickly gain that experience by practicing your loan presentation skills with friends and family members to understand that you are serious about your business. If they understand and can appreciate your desire to develop and grow your business they will allow you to practice with them in order to gain the experience, you need to say that you are an experienced signer on your resumes and online registrations.

Ask them for “honest” feedback and refine your skills until you begin to feel confident about your delivery method. Another idea is to locate a person in your area who will allow you to shadow them to a few signings. This may not always be possible but you can try asking.

I also recommend that you obtain some training in basic notary skills if you have not already done so. Attend some type of notary signing agent workshop where the various loan documents are reviewed.

Lastly, you should try to obtain some certification from a respected source. Certification often can replace the experience since companies will feel comfortable that you know the basics. Do not get discouraged and stop your registration efforts because you lack experience. Many signing companies will give you their own “basic skills” test or an oral exam on the phone. Be prepared to answer the many questions that a seasoned signing agent should know about the loan documents and you will be surprised at how many companies will hire you.