By Laura VestanenAdoption Papers – Adoption agencies commonly use a lawyer but interim documents may need to be notarized away from the law office. This is especially true for medical reports that have to have the doctor’s signature notarized. People who can afford to adopt usually prefer the convenience of having a notary come to them. (Use your embosser and stamp on adoption papers bound for foreign countries.) Get this work via:

  • Fertility clinics
  • OBGYN and pediatrician offices
  • General Practice medical offices
  • Yellow page ad
  • Website

Business Documents, Certification of Document Copies, Contracts, and Corporate Documents.

  • Yellow page ad
  • Website
  • Networking associations

Changes to Neighborhood CCRs – These usually involve getting a majority percentage of signatures to change the wording on a neighborhood’s rules. The signatures must be notarized. Sometimes this is done at a neighborhood meeting. Sometimes you go door to door with the initiating resident.

  • Yellow page ad
  • Cards to Land Use and Real Estate lawyers

Construction Documents and Permits

  • Cold call building developers, construction companies, sub-contractors (masons, etc)
  • Yellow page ad
  • Send emails to small construction company owners.
  • Send press releases to local contractor’s magazine if the area has one.

Documents for People in Jail or Prison – Go to the local jail and prison and speak with an administrator. Some jails have staff notaries do all this work so there is no market. You can offer your services for vacation or sick leave relief.

Documents Related to International Commerce – Cold call companies doing business internationally. Leave cards. Look in the yellow pages for other ideas. Customs brokers usually have their own notaries in house. You might let them know you are available for fill-in work. (Use your embosser and stamp on papers bound for foreign countries.)

Government Forms – My web site brings in most of this work. You will have to see what sort of forms people bring you. In my area, I get mostly vehicle forms and veteran-related forms. Cold call related offices and leave cards. Disabled vets are especially appreciative of your coming to their home.

I-9 Employment Forms – With more and more people telecommuting, some large companies are authorizing notaries to verify identification and complete the I-9 form. Complete the form and add an acknowledgement for the employee’s signature. If your area has lots of people telecommuting for a large company, contact that company’s HR department and let them know of your services. (My area has lots of techies working for Microsoft which has its main offices 2 hours away.)

Immigration Documents – Some states allow non-attorney licensed immigration workers to notarize their own documents. Some states prohibit them from notarizing. Due your research. If these professionals cannot notarize, let them know about your services. Find them by looking in the yellow pages for immigration services.

  • Cold call them and leave cards.
  • Cold call border control offices for information on their procedures. Leave cards.
  • Cold call customs offices at the airport, port, and train station. Leave cards.