New Jersey Notary Training Classes training is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to learn the skills you need as a notary, as well as how to protect yourself. There is potential liability with every signature you notarize, and comprehensive training now is much cheaper than attorney fees later! stays on top of technology so their video courses are available on desktop computers, tablets and cell phones, giving you access anytime, anywhere, to watch and re-watch on your schedule. And now, offers custom packages to save you money on everything you need to get started: Along with training, you can add stamps, seals, journals, bond insurance and more. For complete information for your state, visit

NJ Notary Seminars, LLC, has been serving the Tri-state area Notaries since 1999. They have helped hundreds of New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts Notaries apply for and renew expiring commissions. They are all fully trained in the Notary Laws of the states in which they teach, and work with the nation’s top employers. The company is owned and operated by Gerrie Pierre-Fleurimond, the National Notary Association’s Notary of the Year for 2003. Learn more at