By Vikki Watanabe—As I sat down to write an article for GoGetNotary, I began thinking about our industry as Notaries Public. We go through lots of ups and downs. Most of us know the ebb and flow of the loan signing business, so we know when not to expect a lot of business and adjust accordingly. Some of us hold part-time jobs, some hold full-time jobs. Most of us are self employed.

If you hold a part-time job, I imagine you take on extra hours to make up for the slow periods of loan signings. For those with full-time jobs, I’m sure you’re glad you have a full-time job when it’s been slow! For myself, I have often wished I had a full-time job to go to when it gets slow. Nevertheless, truth be told, I was made for self-employment.

I love the challenge of figuring out how and where the next assignment will come from. Thankfully, the Signing Services, Title Companies and Mortgage Companies always come through in a pinch. I will never cease to say, ‘Thank You,’ for all the assignments you have given me when times are slow. And, one way or another, we made it.

We are a formidable group. Strong and determined men and women. We stand firm for our fees. We get the job done when needed. And, one way or another, we always seem to make that last pick up at FedEx or UPS for next day delivery!

Although focusing on bankruptcy processing now and training virtual bankruptcy assistants, I hope to continue working as Notary Signing Agent, too.

Finally, to all Notaries Public: JOB WELL DONE! Be proud of your career and service (yes, it is a service), to the public.