By Andrew Springfield—Being user friendly can make or break your business. As technology brings information to the world’s fingertips, notary marketing and branding professionals realize the value of using a blended high tech AND high touch model.

Rarely does any business thrive on either end of the scale, so most have to seek the proper balance. The domain brokerage industry is growing as some businesses pay millions of dollars for the perfect domains for their online presence.

By definition, a domain name (domain for short) will take the user to someplace on the internet. Essentially it must be associated with (or pointed to) a specific location (file) on a computer. Because computers are located by their IP address which is a specific series of numbers such as, a high touch solution was required for search efficiency.

A person is more likely to enter correctly than enter

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The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) became responsible for the global coordination of the Domain Name System (DNS), allocating alphabetically memorable “domain names” which people use to connect their computer to others serving up the requested information. They oversee the distribution of domains through authorized Registries, such as Network Solutions.

A domain is either currently registered (taken) or unregistered (available) in a variety of extensions such as:, and In this example all three domains are taken and not available for purchase except though their current owner.

Regardless of whether your customer is a title company, lender, or individual, you want a memorable, easy to spell domain to allow them to find your website.

The domain name will not:

  1. Be as memorable
  2. Be as searchable
  3. Be as likely to be spelled correctly
  4. Fit as nicely on marketing materials

As say,,, or any combination of two or three KEY WORDS.

Which of these three is best for Suzie? More to come…

Try this Business Exercise #1: Type your name in a search engine and see what appears!

Branding, Marketing, Media, and Technology issues for notaries will be explored further in a series of articles.