By Andrew Springfield—In our previous article, “Notary Domains: High Tech or High Touch?,” we shed some light on the history and relevance of internet domain names for notaries.

With regards to Suzie’s Business Exercise #1, which domain(s) are best for her? She could benefit from a number of choices, based on her goals, her ambition, her resources and her marketplace. Suzie may want to hire a consultant for direction.

The simplest solution for an individual may be to take their name and attach “Notary” or “Signing Agent,” for example “Okay,” Suzie K. says, then asks, “How will the right notary domain allow me to stand out from the thousands of others seeking the same business?”

Preferred notary domains offer the following advantages:

  • Provide Credibility: Your notary domain, pointed at any web page or site puts you way ahead of notaries who choose to ignore the power of the internet. A preferred domain will enhance your credibility that much more because it is exclusively yours.
  • Provide Searchability: A notary domain which is keyword-based will act as an excellent directional sign for your website or virtual office. The major search engines will drive visitor traffic because consumers often use those keywords in their search.
  • Support the Brand: Your Purpose and Your Promise are the core of Your Brand. The domain you choose should convey these essentials in a memorable and intuitive way.
  • Enhance Marketing: With a marketable notary domain, your message will ring true through any media because it compliments your brand. Promoting something that’s familiar is more cost effective than advertising something that isn’t.
  • Increase Communication: Ease of use and consumer convenience enable increased interaction with customers. More customers will follow as you provide the service they seek.

Incorporating the right domain into an effective emarketing and branding strategy will take the active notary professional to the next level. Combined with a well designed website and a plan to succeed, it is little tool that can work in very big ways.

Branding, Marketing, Media, and Technology issues for notaries will be explored further in a series of articles.