By Sharon Hassler—A few days ago, one our members asked my advice on how many pages her notary website should have. She’s planning to use a template website and wondered if she should buy the 5 or 10-page version. I don’t think it’s necessary to go big, especially to start. First, think about your site visitors: The more related info you can provide on one page, the better. Keep them from having to go through multiple pages to find the basics. I’ve seen some 10-page sites that have only one or two paragraphs per page which seems like a waste of the website owner’s space/money AND the visitor’s time.

The five pages I recommend for notaries are: Home, About Me, Testimonials, Contact and General Info, Resources or Services/Service Area. Visit this website for an example of a five-page mobile notary/signing agent website created with a template.


Your home page is where you should describe all your services and the territory you cover. Be sure to list counties AND cities AND zips. If a potential customer tries to find you using a particular city as a search term but you haven’t mentioned that city, your site won’t pop up in the search results. However, keep the cities and zips to about 20 to 25 so your page doesn’t seem like keyword spamming which the search engines don’t like.

About Me

For your About Me page, I suggest you use your name not “Me” (About Sharon). Avoid this: if you’re working alone, certainly don’t use the common “About Us” title because there’s no “us” if it’s just you! Be sure you list all skills from previous jobs that apply to your notary work, and include your experience, training, certifications, background screening, etc.


Testimonials! Testimonials! Testimonials! They’re so important they deserve their own page! The mortgage/escrow/title companies we’ve spoken with say they trust testimonials and don’t know why more of our members don’t take advantage of that section on their GoGetNotary web profile. Get at least 3 testimonials for your Testimonials page and keep adding to it. Twenty isn’t overkill; it’s credibility!


Everyone expects to see a Contact page on a website, however, I’ve visited websites where there’s no Contact page and I’ve had to guess which page might provide the phone number. It becomes frustrating after looking at 2 or 3 pages and not finding contact info. Always make it easy for your customers to find you. In fact, I recommend you have your info—name, title, phone, email address, city, state, zip—on every page so it’s readily available to your customers. If you do that, you free up a page for more content. Besides, your contact info contains good keyword terms—your title such as Notary Signing Agent and your city, state and zip—to help with searches.

General Info, Resources, Services/Service Area

What to do with the fifth page? You could have general information about what it means to be a notary and what a notary can and can’t do. That page would contain good keywords to help with searches. OR…you could use this page to exchange links with other notaries and related businesses. Link exchanges may help improve your position in Google search results, so consider a Resources page as a method of marketing your site. Or you could use this for your Services/Service Area. Personally I prefer to promote services on the home page and have the service area in a tag line at the bottom of each page.

That’s it. Those five pages are all most notaries need. When the pages are filled with good content and liberally sprinkled with good keywords, a five-page site can present a professional image to customers and provide the key elements Google, Bing and Yahoo need to rank your site higher in search results.

More pages may be added later if you have other niches to promote such as officiating at weddings or reverse-mortgage signings, if you want to include articles you’ve written to demonstrate your expertise, or if your link exchanges have grown and require more space. Don’t choose a larger site until you determine you need one. Polish the five-pager and work on improving your position in search results before you move up to more pages.

Visit this mobile notary/signing agent website for an example of an easy template website product. Check out this page for tips on your own domain name.

Of course, GoGetNotary offers the benefits of a multi-page website, you might not need a stand-alone website and can spend the money your save on other marketing efforts.