Keith Williams

Greater Works Business Services LLC


Here is just a handful of the types of forms/notarial acts notaries on this site may be able to notarize:

Deed of Trust or Mortgage
Grant, Quitclaim and Warranty Deeds
Occupancy Affidavit
Compliance Agreement
Correction Agreement
Owner's Affidavit
Power of Attorney - Limited or Durable
Proof of Identification Affidavit
Reverse Mortgage
Signature or Name Affidavit
Survey Affidavit
Advanced Healthcare Directive
Irrevocable Trust or Living Trust
Last Will & Testament or Living Will
Safety Deposit Box Verification
Vehicle VIN Verification and Transfer of Title
Child Custody Agreements and Adoption Papers
Loan Modification

Contact Details

120 19th Street North, Birmingham, AL, USA


Remember, when presenting a documents for Keith to notarize, a notary cannot proceed if the document is not “original,” bearing the signer's original, wet-ink signature (not a photocopy or fax of a signed document). A notary cannot proceed if the required notarial act is not indicated by the document, the signer or someone connected to the document.