Monnique Sykes

Tru Notabilty


I am notary public since 2018 and will be certified to be a loan signing agent as well. I am certified to do notaries in the state of Georgia, I have a background in real estate and processing HELOC's, short sells, wholesaling, REFI mortgages. etc. I am a very detail oriented person who hates making mistakes so I make sure that the job is done accurate, but I am great at time management and prioritizing and following up on any changes or updates, and making sure that any documents that need to be shipped gets to the client in a speedy manner. I love being a notary and am excited to become a loan signing agent with the flexible schedule and being able to work with such great people and meet new people everyday. I love providing a comfortable, friendly and transparent signing experience with every borrower/client that I encounter.

Contact Details

Decatur, GA 30034, USA


I am not a Lawyer and all legal questions will need to be followed up with a Law Professional