3 Year Premium Notary Listing

$98.00 every 3 years with a 30-day free trial

(Limited time 60 day free trial. Offer ends 8/31/2019)

Sign up today and create your Premium Notary Listing in mere minutes.

As a Premium member, your profile will be displayed in the top section of proximity searches, above those of our Basic Listing members. Site visitors looking for a notary in their area will see Premium Listings FIRST!

This is the same product as our 1-Year Premium Notary Listing, but you get 3 years for the price of 2!

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Wondering how our notary listings look? Click below for samples of Premium and Basic notary profiles.

See a sample of our Premium Notary Listing.
See a sample of our Basic Notary Listing.

As you can see, our Premium Notary Listings offer far more options for providing critical details to site visitors searching for a notary. Additionally, Premium Listings appear at the top of all search results, and Premium Listings allow you to include a photo of yourself. Marketing psychology shows that prospective customers are much more likely to do business with someone online if they know what they look like, as opposed to someone completely anonymous.

NOTE: We understand that many notaries are based in home offices, so you don’t have to display your full address on your profile if you don’t want to. You will still be found in searches simply by providing your city and zip code.