We just launched the revised GoGetNotary web site. Here are some of the improvements:

Member Login:
The Professional Center is gone! You can now log in from member tabs at the upper right of the main GoGetNotary.com home page.

Resources and Articles for Professionals:
Professional Resources and Articles are also available right there on the main home page in two sidebars at the lower right.

Creating Your Page:
A guide to creating the best web page possible is readily available in the Resources sidebar.

We’ve include a new Signing Agent category check box under Services to make it easier for searchers to find SAs. It’s part of the Advanced Search. If you want this to show up on your web page and to be available for advanced searches, please log in, select “Edit my web page,” check the “Notary Signing Agent” box, and select “Update” at the bottom of your page.

You can now print out your page as a flyer. Log in and scroll down to “New! PDF Flyer Generator.” Select “Create my pdf flyer” in either Letter or Legal size. Depending on how long your page is, you may need to experiment with this a bit.

We added the United States Notary Association logo to the national association logos you can upload from your My Account page. If you belong to USNA, log in, select “Upload my photo and logo,” check the USNA logo box and hit “Update.”

We removed the photo that was at the upper right of the page. Now when a potential customer visits your page, the only face they see is yours!

If you like what we’re doing at GoGetNotary, please tell your notary friends about us.