By Sandy Gadow—As the seller who’s sold your home and are getting ready to close on the sale, there are many things to consider. Here’s a comprehensive list of important items to review and check off.

  • Have you removed all your personal property items?
  • Have you left the property in the condition you promised you would?
  • Is the Sale Price and payoff information correct on your closing documents?
  • Were you given credit for any items agreed upon to be credited to your account?
  • Is a satisfaction of mortgage or payoff document being prepared for your old loan?
  • If you will be signing a Bill of Sale for personal property items, are those correct?
  • Are the prorations correct? Check the dates on these debit and credit items.
  • Do you know what day you must vacate the property? Is it the day of closing?
  • Have you agreed to perform any repairs or other work before or after closing?
  • Are the title and closing costs as you understood them to be?
  • Is the attorney fee, closing agent, transfer tax, or title insurance fees correct?
  • Did you correctly make any disclosures as required by your state or federal law to the new buyer? Or, did you sell the property in “as is” condition?
  • If there was a Realtor involved in the sale, is that fee correct?
  • Is any money being held back in escrow on your behalf? If so, how and when will it be released?

Sandy Gadow, president of Escrow Publishing Company, is a nationally recognized author and expert on escrow and title insurance, with 25 years in the industry. Sandy has appeared on CNN’s “Open House” show as a commentator covering real estate and her articles have appeared in the Washington Post and other regional newspapers. Sandy is a member of the National Association of Real Estate Editors, the California Escrow Association, and a member of the National Advisory Council for For more information, go to