By Debbie Allen
1. See your business through your customer’s eyes. Keep a strong focus on your customer base. Pay close attention to their needs and concerns. Study the diversity of different genders and generations. One-size sales and service no longer works in the marketplace.

2. Create a “Unique Selling Proposition.” Your logo, professional image and catch phrase must be unique and strongly recognizable. Tell prospective customers why they should do business with you instead of your competition. Promote benefits in all your marketing materials. What makes your business stand out? What is the most unique and beneficial thing you offer your customers? When you discover that, you will discover your Unique Selling Proposition.

3. Choose your overall image and remain consistent. All of your marketing materials should feature the same professionally designed logo, colors, paper stock, branded image, etc.

4. Sweat the small stuff. Pay attention to the details of your overall business image. Customers notice and judge you and your business at first glance. They decide to do business with you or move on to your competition quickly from their first impression.

5. Ask for and use testimonials. Third party testimonials are powerful. Prospective clients want to know that they can trust you and have made the right decision to do business with you and your company. Let your shameless fans speak the praise of your organization.

6. Improve your business card. This is a great place to start. While presenting to audiences around the world, I see thousands of poorly designed business cards. This may be the first image you present of your business. If you are making mistakes on your business card, then you are most likely making many more mistakes with your marketing efforts.

7. Hire professionals that can bring out your BEST. You can’t do it all great if you are trying to do it all yourself. Believe me, you are not saving money by printing your own business cards, designing your own website and printing your own brochures. Unless that is what you do for a living. If not, don’t get cheap with your image. Cheap will cost you BIG time in the long run. Your professionalism, business image, success and profits are at stake!