By Sharon Hassler—We’ve had complaints from companies looking for notary signing agents in our directory and finding active web pages for people who have left the business. Imagine the frustration of companies trying to call notary signing agents and hearing, “This number has been disconnected.” There’s nothing we can do about this. We don’t know who’s no longer working as a notary and, frankly, with our paid members we can’t just arbitrarily start taking postings down. Of course, having outdated info online works both ways. When it comes to our signing company directory, I’m always finding some signing, title and mortgage companies have closed their doors but their websites are still up as though they’re open for business. I to verify every company with a phone call every few months.

The last few years have been a transitional time for everyone in the industry. You can help by making sure your contact info is up to date on every notary directory listing/profile/blog/web page/website/free ad you have online. For instance, you’d think phone numbers would stay current because you can take them with you when you switch service providers, but many notaries are using only cell phones now and have discontinued their land-line phones. Was that disconnected phone number posted anywhere? How about an email address? Has that changed? Or maybe domain names weren’t renewed or haven’t been forwarded to an updated profile.

Any time is the perfect time to update all your online postings and don’t forget the obvious: your website. If you haven’t kept track of all sites where your info is available, start fresh with an Excel or other spreadheet file now. I’m guilty of not keeping track, too, so that’s one of my resolutions. If you haven’t kept a list, do a search for your name and the word “notary” to find all your listings.