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What’s your best advice for the best profile website? – Take the time to create a profile website that represents how you do business. Misspelled words, poor grammar, no punctuation, incomplete info… Those do not reflect well on your attention to detail. Remember, you are not texting a friend here! Please use upper and lower case not ALL CAPS. In the online world, ALL CAPS EQUALS SHOUTING or generally indicates the person can’t take the time for proper grammar and punctuation. Proofread or better yet, ask a friend to proofread for you. Again, take the time to make your profile website as professional as you are! (See Sample Profile Websites.)

For more tips on creating your profile and marketing your services, visit the 6-part series, Increase Your Notary Business.

popup tipWhat information do I need to create my profile? – The fields for your content are listed below along with tips of what to include. For more information about each field, you can click on the red field title next to the box you will type in and a popup window will give you a tip. For a quick preview of info on your multi-page profile, all pop-up tips are listed below and will be available to you with a simple click of the red title as you edit your profile.

Why do I see only part of my profile when I first login? – When you login, you will see the summary that appears in search results. Note that it includes the beginning of your Experience information, about 150 characters, so make those first couple of sentences count! Click on Read more in the summary if you want to see your profile as it is now. Click on Edit Entry to enter and edit your information.

How often should I save my profile? – Every few minutes while you are editing, click on the Save Entry button at the bottom of the page so you don’t lose your work in case you suddenly lose your Internet connection. You don’t want to start all over so hit the Save Entry button to be safe.

Why is there a red circle with an x on my edit page? – If you’re trying to edit your listing/profile and notice a small red circle with an x, it means your listing/profile is currently unpublished and isn’t visible to the public. Do you need to renew? Please contact us if you have questions.

How do I get reviews? – As soon as you complete your profile, ask your best clients to post a review for you. Email them a link to your profile ans ask them to click on Testimonials/Reviews, then Write Review. If you have written testimonials from your clients, we can post up to 4 of them at no cost but you will not have star ratings with testimonials we post.

Will you create my multi-page profile for me? – No, sorry, but time constraints won’t allow us to create your page for free. However, you will find it’s easy to log in and enter your information and quickly create your profile. Please contact us if you have any questions or problems.

IMPORTANT: If you have a free listing, do NOT put promotion info into the Disclaimer. The Disclaimer is to protect you if you state requires such information. If you do not enter a disclaimer and attempt to promote yourself in this section, your listing may be deleted.

Below is a list with tips on completing your multi-page profile:

First & Last Name: REQUIRED! Both first and last names are required or your membership will be delayed until completed with both names. Do not put your company name here! There is space for 150 characters.

Title: REQUIRED! Think of your title as keywords for a search. Use a title that customers might enter into a Google, Yahoo or Bing search, such as Notary Public, Mobile Notary, Notary Signing Agent, etc. They won’t search for Owner, Sole Proprietor or Manager. There is space for 170 characters.

Profile Image: A “portrait” or vertical image is best for your profile image. Click on Select File to locate the image on your computer. Highlight the image and select Open or Upload. Please feel free to email your photo to us for minor retouching, resizing and posting at no cost. An image about 100 pixels x 130 pixels is best. If you don’t upload an image, a default image will be added for you. NOT required.

Company Name: If you don’t have an official company name, you skip this. NOT required. There is space for 150 characters.

Company Logo: Click on Select File to locate the logo image on your computer. Highlight the image and select Open or Upload. Please feel free to email your company logo to us for resizing and posting. Your logo should be no larger than 200 pixels wide x 120 high. NOT required.

Email: REQUIRED! We’re offering only one email address for your contact info so enter the one your check most frequently. This should be the one you also have on your cell phone. Note: If you’re using a non-business address like favorite-grandma@hotmail or number1dad@msn, suggest you set up a notary address at gmail.com. Max. 150-character address.

Address: The first line of your location, usually the street address. This is NOT required but you must complete city, state and zip to show up in searches. Space for 150 characters.

Address 2: The second line of your address only if needed, such as a building or suite number. NOT required. 150 characters.

City: REQUIRED! You must enter your city to show up in search results. 150 characters.

State: REQUIRED! You must select a state to show up in search results.

Zipcode: REQUIRED! You must enter your zip code to show up in searches. 5 characters.

map: The map will automatically geocode your location based on the addresss you entered.

Primary Phone: REQUIRED! Enter the phone where you prefer to receive your notary business calls. NOTE: This number appears with your contact info at the top of the page and in Business Details. If you have only one phone number, suggest you enter it here and NOT repeat it in the other phone fields. Max 20 characters.

Alternate Phone: You can enter a backup phone number here. Suggest you do NOT repeat if the same as primary phone above. NOT required. Max 20 characters.

Toll Free Phone: Enter your toll-free number if you have one. NOT required. Max 20 characters.

Mobile Phone: Enter your cell phone number. If this is your primary phone number, be sure you enter it in the Primary Phone field, too, as only Primary Phone shows up in search results summary. NOT required. Max 20 characters.

Website: Select either http:// or https:// then enter your website address (URL). Include “www.” if you use that in your address. NOT required. 150 characters.

Delivery Address: Suggest you enter an address here only if it is different from your primary location entered above but it’s your option. Enter deliver information in this and the following delivery fields. NOT required.

Business Hours: Keep it simple. Enter your hours of operation here. This is not the field to discuss experience, service area, certifications, etc. NOT required. 300 characters.

Experience: REQUIRED! This field is important. The beginning of this information (150 characters) shows up in the search results summary so start with a sentence or two that makes you shine. If you have an “elevator speech” in your head, write that in here. You have 1000 characters to present your expertise but should use less. Prospective clients don’t want your life history. Sell them on why they should hire you now for your notary services.

Service Area: Include cities, counties, zip codes but make it look presentable, not “spammy.” Your info here can help with search results in Google, Bing and Yahoo but a person is going to read it, too. Make it professional. NOT required but highly recommend you enter this info! 600 characters.

Notary Services: Check each of the services that applies to your business. NOT required but recommended.

Loan Signings:

Resources: Check each of these resources that applies to your business. NOT required but recommended.

Certifications: Enter name(s) of your certification(s). NOT required but recommended. 400 characters max.

Background Screened By: Enter the name of the company who provided your background check. NOT required but highly recommended if you’ve been screened!

Associations: Enter name(s) of association(s) you belong to, preferably related to your notary business. NOT required. 400 characters max.

Additional: Anything else you want to include? This is the field for that. NOT required. 600 characters max.

Disclaimer: FOR DISCLAIMER ONLY. Do not use this area to promote yourself. Your state may or may not be require a disclaimer. If it is required, enter the language as specified by your state. If optional, you may choose to enter something like, “I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice.” 300 characters max.

Facebook: Add your full Facebook address (URL) here. The Facebook icon will display automatically. Example: http://facebook.com/pages/your_fb_name/98765432

Linkedin: Add your full Linkedin address (URL) here. The Linkedin icon will display automatically. Example: http://linkedin.com/in/your_LI_name

Twitter: Add your full Twitter address (URL) here. The Twitter icon will display automatically. Example: http://twitter.com/your_twittername

Google+: Add your full Google+ address (URL) here. The Google+ icon will display automatically. Example: http://plus.google.com/your_name/posts