By Joan Bergstrom—If you are a new Notary/Loan Signer, you might not be aware of how much time and effort you could save yourself by having an E-Fax phone number. E-Fax and MaxEmail are the two most popular systems.

Here’s how it works: Efax or MaxEmail will give you a local phone number to use as your primary business fax. You will not have to install another phone line because you receive all faxes sent to this phone number in your email box as an attachment. Open the attachment and “voila” you can quickly download the document(s) to your laser printer and easily make copies for the borrower.

You will no longer have to make borrowers copies from yourstand alone fax machine and everyone knows how slow this process is and also how unreliable this method can be! No more coming home to a sea of paper on the floor from your stand alone fax machine!! No more fax in memory! No more calling a Title/Loan Signing Companies to ask “can you please send the fax again.”

Another feature is Voicemail: Retrieve your voicemail messages over the phone or as an email attachment. Broadcast ability is also included.

E-Fax will give you a free fax number but severely limits the amount of faxes you can receive monthly. As of this writing Efax charges $12.95 per month. MaxEmail is much cheaper at $69.00 per year which figures out to $5.75 per month. You can receive 200 faxes sent per month for these prices.Take your pick as they are both good companies.

There is another company named Packetel Fax Service that charges $3.95/month for unlimited incoming faxes but I don’t know enough about this company to recommend them, but I sure like the price!! You can send email faxes with this system, but, there is an additional charge per fax which makes it expensive. This service is used primarily as a method to receive faxes.