By Sharon Hassler—Below are 8 of the top social networking sites but there are many more. Trouble is you can get spread too thin and the key is frequent and informative posts. Check out these sites, visit the forums/communities for tips. Decide which ones appeal to you and post your profile; select only two to four for your main focus and effort.

Focus on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin. Posting regularly to these sites, especially the first three, can help improve traffic to your website or profile website or listing. With Google’s algorithm updates since 2012, social media has become a large influence in what shows up in search results. Interacting with social media gives Google a clue that you’re still in business, still involved and aggressively working to promote your website. That means better search results and not listing a lot of abandoned websites. With Google’s dream of beating Facebook in a couple of year, it’s only natural to consider working on a Google+ page.

For anyone on or planning to join, we’d love to be part of your network. Please visit our Page and select “Add Sharon Hassler to your network.” LinkedIn is one site that’s professional and gets good traffic. It allows for a nice profile and you can link back to your GGN profile website. “More needles in the Internet haystack.” That’s really the point of all these sites, to increase traffic to your primary website.

Hubpages (merged with Squidoo)