First, I would like to apologize for the delay in going live with the American Association of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants (AAVBA) website. In an effort to give you a first class association and all that goes with it, the AAVBA must comply with certain regulations with the State of California and the Department of Financial Institutions. Our hope is to give you an association you are proud to be a member of. We, in turn want to give you the best we can offer by way of education, service and support.

If you’re wondering what the Department of Financial Institution has to do with our Association, here is a short explanation: “Any corporation (in our case, non-profit), who has the word ‘bank’ ‘trust’ or any variation of those words must have a Certificate of Approval from the Licensing Division.” Even though we’re not a bank and have nothing to do with banks, they still have to review our function and issue a Certificate of Approval. We have completed this portion and are awaiting our decision. We want to have all our T’s crossed and our I’s dotted before going live with our website.

The AAVBA exists to provide education, service and support to the VBA. And to provide networking opportunities through VBA Luncheons. Also, we are a resource for Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys looking for qualified and responsible VBAs, and we have a Public Awareness Program similar to the one on the NNA website, “What is a Notary Public?”. Ours is “What is a VBA?”. This information sheet will be free to AAVBA members and the general public to raise awareness of the role and function of the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant.

Thank you for being so patient with us as we get ready to go live.

AAVBA Membership Benefits

I know a lot of the topics may not make sense right now, but they willl become very familiar as we go through training. Although we provide everything mentioned below, it will still be up to the VBA to be professional and do their share of the marketing. Here are Membership Benefits for VBA’s when you sign up. The annual membership fee of $99 incudes all items mentioned below. (Other VBA trainers charge about 3 times that much for the training materials you need, AND for the training sessions, AND for the test!)

  • Your own AAVBA web page.
  • Your own AAVBA email account.
  • Introduction Training Series: Online Training via live webinars which include an Overview, Introduction to the Virtual Bankruptcy Business; Introduction to Office Security Procedures for the VBA; Introduction to Dress the Part or What Are You Saying About Your Business?, and Introduction to Marketing your Virtual Bankruptcy Business.
  • Bankruptcy Basics and Bankruptcy Terminology: Through live webinars, we’ll do a Client Intake Form together. Then a week long training sessioin on Petition Preparation.
  • Online Test: There will be an Online Test at the end of the training. Once you pass the test, the AAVBA will mail you your Certificate of Completion. Test retakes will be available for a minimum fee.
  • Use of the AAVBA logo.
  • Bi-annual newsletter, “The American Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant.”
  • Plus members will receive a Bankruptcy “Cheat Sheet” (used by Bankruptcy Law Students to prepare for exams) and an AAVBA pen to show our appreciation.
  • Member discounts: We’re approaching several organizations to obtain AAVBA member discounts for office supplies, computer equipment and software and will provide details as we establish each partnership.

Additional Items Available:

  • A book called, “VBA Marketing and Business Development,” will be for sale on the website for $40.00 plus S&H. The topics include: Marketing-Sample Attorney Letters. Business Development-Sample Service Agreement; New Attorney/Firm Correspondence; New Attorney/Firm Client Instruction Package; Stat Sheet; Invoice for Administrative Projects. The AAVBA will review the book online during a webinar which includes time for questions and answers.
  • A bound copy of the Online Training is available for $25 plus S&H. It is recommended you pre-order for reference and note-taking during the Online Training webinars.
  • Typing practice tests are free; the typing test is $6.95. A certificate will be generated that you can print out showing your typing ability. You can order a high quality, full color print of your certificate for $18.80.
  • AAVBA Client Intake Forms are available as a download on the website for $9.99. Client Intake Forms are used during the training at least twice, so if you purchase once, you can make multiple copies to use during training. Personalized Client Intake Forms are $50.
  • The Background Certification will be approximately $12.95 to $19.95. (We’re shooting for the lowest price.)
  • Online store: We’ll have an online store to purchase anything and everything AAVBA.

To be added to our AAVBA mailing list, please send an email to

Editor’s Note: Update from Vikki – The Department of Financial Institutions determined the AAVBA is separate from a banking institution and does NOT have to have a Certificate of Approval so the AAVBA can proceed with using that name and launching the website. Join the AAVBA email list to be notified when the website is live.