By Vikkie Watanabe—It has been very busy since my last update, and there have been many changes in the past year since forming the National Society of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants (NSVBA). First, our membership has increased by 25 members, and lately, more and more members are working for attorneys preparing bankruptcy petitions.

As an Exhibitor, I attend the NACBA Annual Convention on behalf of the members of NSVBA. While at the Convention, I market the members of the organization to the attorneys in attendance. The members of NSVBA are encouraged to send their marketing materials, business cards and Raffle Prizes to be given out during the weekend of the Convention. This has proven to be beneficial to the members in contracting with attorneys.

To date, NSVBA has been to two major Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney Conventions and Conferences. First, the 17th Annual NACBA (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys) Convention in Chicago, IL. Second, the NACBA Fall Conference and Workshop in Tucson, AZ. Both events were very successful for our members.

The other benefits our members enjoy are; a 5 Page Website, Online Training via Webinars, Monthly Teleconferences, a Private GoogleGroup, ongoing support and representation at the Annual Convention of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA). NSVBA also holds two VBA Luncheons. One in the Spring and one in the Fall. Both are held in Southern California.

I am proud of this organization. Our members are top notch professionals. They take great pride in their businesses and are always giving back to the VBA community. Our seasoned professionals mentor new members. Someone is always to answer a question. Our Webinars are informational and interactive and our Teleconferences are a new benefit which was implemented in 2010. The teleconferences are lively and interesting topics always come up.

Currently, NSVBA is preparing to attend the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney’s 18th Annual Convention in San Francisco. I am very excited about this convention. One member who paid to attend as an Exhibitor will have the opportunity to market her business directly to the attorneys the weekend of the convention while working the NSVBA Exhibit Table. Other NSVBA members are attending the convention as Attendees to attend the NACBA Workshops. Either way, all NSVBA members have the opportunity to market to attorneys directly while at the convention.

Every year, my goal is to have 100% of the members of NSVBA working. I know this year will be the year it happens. Our members have been putting a lot of time and effort into marketing their businesses. Attorneys are realizing the benefit of working with a VBA and hundreds of attorneys are currently working with our members.

NSVBA is not an employment agency, nor do we guarantee work. Just like Notary Signing Agents, the members of NSVBA are successful through their own efforts. My belief and the belief of our members is this: If you help a fellow NSVBA member become successful, that in turn, will make you successful. As such, many of our members are very successful. Ultimately, our members know they are responsible for their own businesses.

If you would like to know more about NSVBA or the VBA industry, check out the NSVBA website or drop me a line. I will be happy to answer your questions.