By Jeffrie Story—Unleash Your Sales DNA. Is it just “who you know” that gets you the business? Hardly. Believing that is like mixing cake batter and not putting it in the oven. And cake batter is also hard to frost, so you don’t get either cake or frosting in your life.

What counts is staying visible. That’s the real bottom line. Visibility alone can help you “Unleash Your Sales DNA.” Sadly, many competent people think that if they know a lot of people, they’ll get referrals, and their client base will grow and keep returning. This is a very money-risking belief.

Why? Prospects, and even clients, think we’re more competent when our visibility is high. Yes, the out-of-sight-out-of-mind cliche is true. If your competitors are swarming around your prospects and clients, they can jump your ship before you even find their phone number.

The good news is: you have total control of your visibility. (Wow, a part of life where we have control!) It also means control of your financial security and personal rewards. Play the Visibility Game and make lots of money. It’s that easy.

So let’s play the Visibility Game. There are 100 rules. Rule Number 1 is: Initiate contact. Rules Number 2-100 are: Initiate contact.

Yes, that’s the whole key, folks. You get a point for every contact you make, and the one with the most points wins the client, the money, and the job. When was life ever this simple?

The 100 Rules (give or take a few hundred) refer to all the different ways we can initiate contact. It’s best to have multiple-pronged visibility. Here are some of the basic ways:

  • Voicemail. It’s rare to reach a real person these days, but hearing your voice counts.
  • Calling, touching base, checking in. Obviously.
  • Emailing, as long as you’re not hiding in email to avoid calling.
  • Appointments, lunches, coffees. Your face and your smile are powerful. I’ll even give you two points for this one, as long as it’s with a real prospect. Your high school buddy doesn’t count. Okay, I’ll give you one point, but only if you ask for referrals.
  • Asking for referrals. “Do you know anyone who’d want to hear from me?”
  • Asking meaningful questions. We too frequently avoid it and opt for the sound of our own voice.
  • Following up. On everything, even your voicemails. It shows you care; it shows you’re competent. It shows you’re persistent and mean business.
  • Sending personal, hand-written notes. How often do you receive a personal note? It’s memorable! And it’s worth the time…if you’re selecting good prospects for your notes.
  • Future-pacing. That means implanting a seed in your prospect’s head that grows later. “Whenever you need (fill in your service in own words), just let me know. I’ll be ready to serve you like you’ve never been served before!”

You get my unsubtle drift, I hope. To succeed in marketing and sales, and to have the rewards you deserve, your skills and resources need to be visible. They can only be visible if you are visible.

I’ll now share with you some magic behind this, even though I don’t know how it works. When you start getting visible, you’re doing what I call “stirring up energy.” When I’m making my calls, or meeting people, or following up, I consistently get new business. Here comes the magic: my contact initiation gets me business from people I wasn’t even calling!

If I make a concerted effort at my calling in the morning, by the end of the day someone new calls me. I can’t explain it, but it happens every time. It feels like the Stars or a Divine Source or (you can fill in the blank again) has rewarded me for my efforts. Weird, but true. Think back to “lucky” people you know. Didn’t they make their talents visible?

Let’s now add some power to your visibility: Make it unique and memorable. Since I work with organizations and people to increase their paydays, I hand out Payday candy bars wherever I go. I even put them in the mail. For a while I thought it was just clever, but then I noticed that people remembered it. I received comments like these: “Yes, I got your letter. And that Payday saved my morning hunger!” The most significant comment came from a key decision maker, when I handed him yet another Payday. He said, “You’ve really done something with these Paydays, Jeffrie. I can’t walk by a vending machine at the airport without thinking of you.”

Visibility, in memorable ways. That’s the real bottom line.

The Visibility Game is starting…NOW. So Unleash Your Sales DNA!