By Takisha Smith— Are you closing your emails with “Regards, My Name”? Are you giving the reader more information about your business or other ways to contact you? Email signatures can be an effective addition to your marketing efforts and help brand you and your notary business across many different social platforms.

I stumbled across an email signature made using WiseStamp one day and it immediately caught my eye! Not only did the sender make me aware of her Skype ID, I was able to “follow” her instantly on many social media sites by the click of an icon displayed in her email signature.

WiseStamp is an email application that enables users to include social profiles and dynamic Email Apps in their emails. It’s a great way to direct people to your external content and gain fans and followers easily. WiseStamp browser extension fully supports all major Webmails (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, Google Apps, Office 365). You can also export your signature to be used on mobile devices such as an iPhone. Creating a WiseStamp email signature is super easy as well. You fill in details such as name, phone numbers, business logo, etc, add your social profiles (or not) and customize your design.

Did I mention that WiseStamp is FREE! With the free service however, WiseStamp will preview their ad at the bottom of your email signature. For $4 a month, you can upgrade to WiseStamp Pro and get unlimited signatures, premium templates, remove their app branding and custom social icons. Either way, this email application is too cool and innovative.

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