By Kelly Robertson—Friends, trust me on this: Many of the “poopie-heads” (more about this term later) that were in our industry are just about gone. That’s the truth so quit worrying about your competition; there isn’t any. Get it out of your head once and for all that there’s someone in your neighborhood who’s a better Notary or Loan Signer, or cooler, funnier or smarter. They’re working at Lowes or Home depot now; they are not a threat.

With that said, is your business plan in order. Work on finishing up your collections, update your profiles and decide who gets your advertising money. Why not start your research for new companies, begin your marketing plan, finally get that website up and go get a professional photo? After all, the cream always rises to the top and you’re left standing, right!? Plus, our job is the best ever!

Oops, I forgot one more thing, something mega-important: Your Attitude. You must have a positive attitude and one of gratitude for everything, good or bad. Did you know that once you learn to monitor your thoughts, you’ll see things change for the positive and, no kidding, quickly! Easier said than done but all it takes is the decision to do it and a little practice.

Okay, so let me use myself as an example: Not long ago, my girlfriend and I attended a 5-day retreat in Nevada. I got my house squared away before I left, gave my husband detailed instructions, prepared meals ahead of time and got the laundry all done; it was exhausting. I ended up being very preoccupied during our travel, knowing that when I got home the house would a giant mess, my daughter’s teeth wouldn’t have been brushed all week, the laundry would be piled up and the dog would probably be dead. Those thoughts consumed me and I was not enjoying what I was supposed to be enjoying! Finally, my buddy had enough of my whining and nudged me with a gentle reminder that I was being a “poopie-head.” I agreed with her, replying that I was worrying about something that I could not control. “On the contrary,” she blasted. “You can control the situation by controlling your thoughts. Monitor what’s going on in your head because ‘What you think about is what you bring about!'” Humm…

Okay, so here’s what happened: I closed my eyes and took a big breath and let it out’ I managed to get rid of the “Gloomy-Gus” attitude and imagined that everything would be okay no matter what, and I no longer thought about what was going on at home. I envisioned a great week for both my spouse and our girl, and I kept that thought in my mind at the beginning of each day and closed my eyes at the end of each day with the same thought. I even wrote the affirmation down on a piece of paper so I could look at it throughout the day and have the reminder I needed to continue to envision a great week at home. Honestly, it became easier each day to monitor my thoughts regarding the situation: I was putting my thoughts into action.

Guess what? Just as I originally suspected, I arrived home to find the laundry piled up, the house a mess and my daughter couldn’t remember the last time she brushed her teeth, but, good news, the dog was alive.

Guess what else? My husband welcomed me with a great big hug and kiss — a real one, not a courtesy one either! Then, when I asked what they had done all week, my spouse told me that they had a great time (yeah, I could see that). He proudly went on to tell me that he bought them both guitars and they had already taken a lesson together! My husband also told me he taught our girl how to ride a bike and tie her shoe laces, too! WOW!

I will admit that changing the way I was thinking seemed to be a simple concept, but at first it was difficult to actually do. I think it might have been hard because I was stuck in a mindset that I’ve had all my life—hang-ups and dumb stuff I learned from my parents and teachers, friends and coworkers, ex-husband, etc. Nobody ever said that things worthwhile are easy (like dieting) but if I can do it, you can, too! I like the quote by the famous opera soprano, Beverly Sills who said, “You may be disappointed if you fail, but you’re doomed if you don’t try.” Give it a go! What do you have to loose?

If you need some help with this concept, check out a couple books from your library (free is good!). Try authors in business such as Keith Harrel or Norman Vincent Peal; if you’re open-minded, my favorites include Louise Hay, Darren and Wayne Dyer. If you’re especially open minded and are ready for anything, buy “The Secret,” a bargain every day for about thirteen bucks at Costco or Amazon. The best bargains for books are often found at, and You can read about The Secret at TheSecret.TV.