By Melissa Haley—I see many websites daily; some are fantastic, others not so brilliant. They all have one similarity though: They express the views, personalities and dynamics of the creator. What does your website say about you?

Bold, bright colors are great for your wardrobe, but on a website they can be distracting to the true message you’re trying to convey. A splash of color in related graphics is ok, bright pink background isn’t. As far as websites and pages go, black text on white background is still the best choice overall. That’s not to say every site should be black and white only, but those colors read best on a screen.

Is your site well thought-out? Does it follow a logical pattern of left-to-right, top-to-bottom, or is information scattered about? Good navigation enables your visitors to browse your site and find information they were looking for. Contact information should be the easiest to find. I can’t count how many times I had to search for contact information that wasn’t on the main page and wasn’t even on an “About Us” or “Contact Us” page either, where it logically should have been located. Poor navigation can turn visitors away from an otherwise great site. Good navigation shows that you think ahead and are organized.

Another factor of a good site is proper spelling and grammar. Misspelled words, slang, and improper grammar all detract from the message that is being conveyed. They make you appear unprofessional and lacking attention to detail. Use spell check, have a friend or relative read your text or go back and read it yourself after a few days away from it. Fresh eyes can catch things that might elude you when you’ve just spent so much time creating your text.

Flashy graphics, unrelated photos and personal stories about your last vacation should be saved for a personal page or site. Vacation photos, unless you’re a travel agent or guide, don’t belong on a business site. Keep your site free from clutter and only display relevant material. It will show you are focused on your business.

These simple tips will keep your site focused on what you do. Who you are will still shine through. What does your website say about you?